Talent Teeming at SBP


Yannie Lopez

SBP rappers perform at morning Convo.

Rodney Fequiere, Staff Writer

At St. Benedict’s, there are hidden artists among us. At least three walk the halls of our community every day. They are Nicolas Antonio Wynn FY, Nicholas Kabanda UD1, and Xavier Yon UDII.

Wynn, aka Honcho Savv, hails from Newark, N.J. He started rapping when he was 11 years old. He felt motivated to become an artist after listening to his inspiration, the rapper Trippie Redd, when he was 12. Nicolas says that his “music style is different and not like all these other rappers…I don’t like to be compared to all these other rappers because I take music as pure art, like timeless music where songs will never get old.”

He draws out what’s on his mind in his lyrics.

“Look at how I’m chasing my dreams til it gets better,

Ima put 4,000 hours on the line to make sure I’m right in the mind”

Honcho Savv in “Nothing Ever Changed.”

Nicolas plans on taking his music everywhere he goes with him for the rest of his life, applying it wherever he can.

Kabanda, aka Nick Breezy, was born in the East African country Uganda, moved to Queens, N.Y., at the age of six, returned to Uganda for a year, and then moved to N.J., bringing him to SBP. Nick’s choice to rap came to him spontaneously when he was young and as he got older, composing the lyrics started to flow even more. As a kid, writing poetry was something that came very naturally to him.

“One day I just decided I want to rap all the time,” he said. “I was in fifth grade when I started writing raps but I would only do it once a month. It wasn’t until I was in sixth grade where I started writing every day.”

Nicholas’s music includes lyrics about his personal struggles.

“I’m facing my fears that really wasn’t fears,

those was just false assumptions.”

Nick Breezy in “All Heart Interlude.”

It is meant to be influential to others, and to not portray the messages that a lot of modern day rappers do. The major artists that have influenced his music range from Kendrick Lamar, Joey BadA$$, J. Cole, and Eminem.

Nicholas plans on taking his talents to a big stage. He wants his work to be compared to some of the top rappers in the industry. He hopes to have a positive impact on his community and show that people can follow their dreams just as he did.

Yon, aka Norcom, lived in Killeen, Texas, but moved to Fort Worth four years ago. He now lives in Leahy House. Xavier’s inspiration for making music comes from Chance the Rapper. “He was the first person that I really listened to,” Yon said. “And seeing him spread a positive message motivated me to do the same thing.”  

Yon switches his music style from time to time, so he can experiment and simply so he can do everything. As of right now he just enjoys making music and being able to express himself through it.

“Now I’m finally being me,

man I’m psyche,

I just write it,

never fight it,

used to hide it,

just embrace it,

now I face it,

man I’m feeling so complacent but the feelings so adjacent,” Norcom raps in “Local.”

He has no intentions to take his work to a professional level unless he is noticed. However, Yon is fine with collaborations. He collaborated with Nick Breezy and featured on the song “Loud Thoughts” which can be found on Breezy’s page.

All three of these artists have used the St. Benedict’s Prep Community to showcase  their music in one way or another and now it is our turn to go ahead and support. All of the music can be found below.

Honcho Savv: https://soundcloud.com/savv2times/

Nick Breezy: https://m.soundcloud.com/nick-breezy-916311671

Norcom: https://soundcloud.com/m_i_s_t_r_o