Fencing Team Defeats Rival CBA in First Home Match


Jacob Anthony Amaro

Fencers beat Rival CBA, after losing to them last year.

Today, the fencing team had its first home match against rival Christian Brothers Academy in the new Cetrulo Family Fencing Center. But first didn’t necessarily mean easy. Victory was contingent on a single match: Alexander Cruz UDI closed out the final bout with a score of 5-1, securing SBP a marginal victory of 14-13.

Curiously, this isn’t the first time Alex has been put in such a situation. At the fencing team’s first away match at Riverdale School in New York, the team could only win if Alex won his final bout.

“I was nervous that if I would have lost I would have disappointed my brothers,” Alex said. “What helped me win and boosted my confidence [today] was my brother Diego Serrano winning his previous bout; it gave me the strength and courage to fight for every touch.”

Diego Serrano SY earlier today had brought the team’s score from 12-13 (SBP-CBA) to a 13-13 tie in what was also a nerve-wracking, lively bout.

The fencing team had lost to CBA last year in what was also a close match. But this year was different. The team’s record now lies at a solid 3-1.