SBP Basketball Team: A Sizable Win at the Semi Finals and a Plan for Redemption at the Finals


Yannie Lopez

99 points. Only one is needed for 100, the magic number. He shoots and scores.


With a mere 30 seconds left in the game, the crowd begins to chant, “One hundred! One hundred!” Zarique Nutter ‘20, a member of the basketball team, prepares to shoot his free throw. He bounces the ball up and down. Everyone’s eyes follow its movement. With intense focus, he shoots. The ball’s trajectory is seemingly perfect. It goes through the basket. The crowd roars.

This was the moment, yesterday, that the St. Benedict’s Preparatory School Basketball Team competed against the Hun School of Princeton, N.J., in the state semifinals, and won 100-47–as opposed to 99-47.

Throughout the game, SBP’s basketball players made fluid passes and shots, almost effortlessly.

By the end of the first period, SBP had already garnered a lead, with a score of 30-15.

“Our guys played right on top. They were right where they needed to be” said Head Assistant Basketball Coach Art Pierson.

Coach Pierson believes that the team did so well because it understands that the championship season is approaching.

Not only this, but the basketball team intends to restore the glory lost when it did not win against Blair Academy earlier this season.

It will again face Blair Academy in the state finals on Wednesday, Feb. 20.

“I’m all ready to go — it’s a war, man,” said Gray Bee Team Captain Madani Diarra ’19

The team intends to continue to practice and focus for tomorrow’s game against Blair.

“This (win) gives us good momentum into the championship. We are definitely ready to compete against Blair on tomorrow,” said CJ Wilcher ‘20, another team member.

See photos from the event.

By clicking below, you will be able to follow the Gray Bees on their road to championship via Live Stream.