Gray Bees Varsity Soccer Team Kicks Off Season with a 5-0 WIN

Same goals different year


Clint Caso

The Gray Bees Varsity Soccer Team’s starting lineup.

The Gray Bees are buzzing yet again after they kicked off their season with a 5-0 win. Today’s game was at 10 a.m, at Riverfront Stadium in Newark. Their opponents were members of a very competitive soccer team from Beacon School in New York. The opening goal scorer today, SBP student Israel Neto SY, scored 3 out of the 5 goals with a good performance.

Today’s game was described by Gray Bee Team Captain Cao Chaves as good enough to pull off a win but leaving room for improvement. “We weren’t the best as we could be, but, as it was the first game of the season, we still have things to improve on,” Chaves said. “We will work to make sure we get to the max at everything we do.”

The team went in at half time 2-0 up with both goals scored by Israel. The team came back out after the coaches had a talk with them and put out a strong and more positive performance with another 3 goals — one by Israel, one by UD2 Zemi Rodriguez, and, finally, UD1 Peter Yaro.

The final whistle went and the Gray Bees were happy with the 1-0 record. But the players said they are never content and will push on after this game. Their next focus is against Summit Country Day School away from home on Saturday, Aug. 31.

Starting player Peter Yaro reflected on today’s game. “It was exciting today to kick off the first game of the season with a win because it’s been a hard preseason preparing for this moment,” he said. “I feel that the team was good but we can always do better in terms of today’s performance and I’m sure we will work harder than ever in practice to make sure we do so.”