Gray Bee Olympics Tradition Continues: Prof. Blood Triumphs


Rodney Fequiere

Gray Bee Olympics starts at Convo with a Drumline performance

The sound of excitement in SBP’s Dalton Gymnasium was evident at Convo this morning — a deafening pounding on the bleachers from students jumping up and down with group chants and gospel songs — for the last day of Summer Phase.

Today was a big day. Summer Phase was ending and the reward for five weeks of class, assignments and exams– the Gray Bee Olympics–was about to start.

First, the SBP community was given a special performance by Dr. Jeremy Fletcher’s Summer Phase Drumlines. The Beginning Drumline played two cadences. Afterwards, the Advanced class performed 5 songs, all varying in rhythm and style. The audience erupted in applause for a concert well done.

The school was dismissed, and students moved to their group rooms for icebreakers with the freshmen and transfers. Afterwards, each section met at its assigned game site. This year there was a new game, called the Skills Competition. It is a double obstacle course race. Two groups opposed each other in an obstacle course involving hurdles, agility rings, and basketballs. In addition to the ever popular football, dodgeball, handball, and trivia competitions, this new Skills Competition course was received positively.

Jaylan Dalce
Students enjoyed the new skills competition, sure to be a regular part of the tradition.

 “Skills was fun, but I just wish that they gave us another round, because only the winning groups got to play again,” Transfer Leader Khyri Brewer SY said. “I wanted to see if my group (Fr. Boniface Reger) got third or last against Fr. Casimir Finley.”

The day ran well, according to student leaders. 

“Even though I didn’t play much, I really enjoyed getting to be with my group in competition.” said Malachi Hinds, group leader of Father Celestine Staab and varsity rower.

  Once every section had time to compete in each sport, students were recalled to Conlin Auditorium. Attendance was taken again, followed by announcements, and ending with the highly anticipated standings. The room was silent and tense as the standings were announced, but the vibe was immediately interrupted by the uproar for the winning groups. The best groups in each section were:- Gray- Fr. Cornelius, White- Fr. Dunstan, Blue- Fr. Timothy, Maroon- Prof. Blood. Prof Blood won the entire Gray Bee Olympics with 28 points overall. Gray Bee Olympics, originally known as Fun Day has been a tradition throughout the years at St. Benedict’s.

Jonathan Dulce
Fr. Cornelius faces down its opposition before the dodgeball competition.

 “Being that this is my last year, I felt really emotional because not every school does this and I got the opportunity to do so as a section leader,” said Ibrahim Stradford SY, Maroon Section Leader and varsity rower. “I will truly miss being able to participate in this tradition once I graduate.”