Varsity Soccer Scores 7-0 Win against Manville

SBP’s Varsity Soccer team came up against Manville at NJIT’s new soccer stadium at 7 p.m. Tuesday. They started the game with most of the possession but struggled to find the back of the net until striker Tiago Quintanilha SY started the scoring once again. After they first found the net the rest came with ease for the team. The Gray Bees went in at the half time with a 3-0 lead.

They came out the second half with the same starting line-up from the first half. They came out and finished the game with an early goal in the second half that put them up 4-0. Jimmie Wandling, Head Coach, started to change the team up and made some substitutions. Israel Neto SY said, “It’s very promising when the coach makes changes and the new players on the field come on with the same intensity and intentions to win the game.”

The next 3 goals came from new arrivals on the field: Toni Yeboah, Guilherme Busato and finally Joel Quiroz-Mansilla. This finished the game with a good win and making the record 7W-0L. This set up the Gray Bees nicely with them traveling on Thursday, Sept. 19 to Cleveland. On Friday, 7 p.m., the Gray Bees will play against the #2 team in the country, St. Ignatius. This game is the marquee matchup of the season and American High school soccer and arguably in history. Captain Lui Chaves said, “These games are the ones that we look forward as players to play in and some of the reasons we traveled and stay away from our families for most of the year.” 

Last year, these 2 massive schools came up against each other for the first time in history at the Gray Bees’ home. St. Benedict’s came out on top 3-1 in a very entertaining game and challenging game. George Silva said, “Last year was an amazing game and I looked forward to playing against them on Friday again.”