SBP Comes Back Victorious vs Christian Brothers Academy


Gus Chery

The Grey Bees on the attack had a resilient comeback against CBA

On Monday, September 30th the Grey Bees travelled to Christian Brothers Academy to Play their 10th game of the season. They picked up their 9th win in a 2-1 victory making their record (9-0-1). This game was named as  being a possible candidate for game of the season because of SBP’ s dramatic come back with 4 minutes left in the game.

Both teams went in at half time 0-0 after the Grey Bees yet again couldn’t capitalize on their chances and be clinical in the final 3rd of the field. They controlled the game as they have in past games with possession but didn’t have as much energy or passion for working hard and running as hard as CBA did.

The second half started and they looked to be on top again until CBA got a half chance on goal when Preston Rushmore SY clashed into goalkeeper Jayden Hibbert UD1, which left Rushmore with a cut over his head and Hibbert with a concussion and stitches in his mouth. CBA striker took advantage of the clash and passed it into the back of the net making it 1-0. After this awful injury both teams had to wait roughly 45 minutes waiting on 2 ambulances coming to take both starting players away to hospital.

There was 35 minutes left on the clock and the gray bees were 1-0 down. Captain Zemi Rodriquez said “We kept believing in ourselves throughout this game and we played to win this for our 2 brothers.” There were about 15 minutes on the clock and the full fighting spirit and energy that the S.B.P soccer team are known for started to come out, Chance after chance started to come but yet again we couldn’t find the back of the net, until Zemi Rodriquez UD2 volled a beautiful goal into the upper goal making it 1-1 with 3 minutes left. Roughly 1 minute later Israel Neto SY played a great through ball onto the path of Peter Yaro UD1 to pass it into the goal making it 2-1. 

Peter Yaro UD1 said “It was an unbelievable feeling scoring the winning goal but it was for my brothers in hospital, we never stopped believing and we used the motto ‘Benedicts hates a quitter’.”

On Wednesday, October 2nd  the Grey Bees come up against Lawrenceville at 4pm away from home.