SBP in Israel 2019: Day 2 We Start Our Project

The first night in Israel is complete!

Everyone met at the entrepreneurship center in the morning at 8 a.m. For much of the school day we were just sharing ideas of what the project should be.  After some discussion, we all agreed to make a SmartBall.

This object will be a sports ball (for any sport with a ball or an object that you have to hit) with a tiny electronic device inside of it that will collect data. If it were to be used in soccer, for example, it would collect the data of how much power you used to kick the ball, how fast the ball went, where the ball was hit, etc. After we decided on the project we were going to create, we all got into groups and were given specific tasks. My group had to list all the types of sports we could use in the project. We took about an hour or two doing these tasks.

After we finished we had lunch, and it was delicious! They served us chicken sandwiches with vegetables with a special sauce. I would say it is better than Chick-Fil-A. After we finished eating we all got on a bus and made our way to Tel Aviv. We got out the bus at Jaffa and from there we walked down to Tel Aviv. When we got to Tel Aviv we split into groups of four. I was placed with Ben, Eshel, and Emmanuel. We walked down to a falafel joint and grabbed a bite to eat. After we finished, we went to a place that makes knafeh. Knafeh is probably the best thing I have ever tasted in my 15 years of existence.

After we spent an hour walking with our groups we all met and went to the beach. The beach had some fantastic views. The sundown there was spectacular.


We spent about two hours walking along the beach. The water was so clear, the waves were perfectly smooth, and the sky was gorgeous. After seeing how beautiful the beach was, I seriously considered staying in Israel and not returning home. After we got to the north side of Tel Aviv, we made a quick stop at the McDonald’s. Even their McDonald’s tastes better than in the U.S.! After we all finished our meals, we got back on the bus and went on our way home.