What Now?


Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

Geovanni Lopez, Online Editor

We finally come to a change of power which should frankly be expected but has come to most as a sigh of relief — which just goes to show the chaotic state in which the United States finds itself.

I have seen many fellow Americans become far too complacent with the idea of the next four years under the Biden Administration. To that I just have to remind people that not all problems will be solved in America as soon as President Donald Trump leaves office. His departure is merely a step in the right direction of a long walk ahead. 

Our country is not in a place where one politician can completely solve its problems. It’s far easier to create problems than address them — we have seen the influence the Presidency holds and what that has been able to do in just four years.

We must now work to get that influence to be used in our favor. The beauty of a country like the United States lies in the power of its people. For, even through dark times like these, we have seen time and again that when we fight — together — for the same cause we are stronger.

We mustn’t let the changes we want done die due to lack of action. Throughout this time we have seen historical voter turnouts and an overall increase in political interest in the country which we cannot leave as a trend for when election years come around. 

Mr. Joe Biden is the president. But the outcome could’ve been different.  However, our goal should have been the same because no matter who is in office. The same problems in America persist and have existed for hundreds of years. Systemic injustice placed on people of color is nothing new to this country yet still has not been solved.

To the American people and to the people of our community here at St. Benedict’s, I would just like to ask: Is it really enough to bank on a candidate to do something on his or her own? In my opinion, it’s not. We must be heard and hear each other out in order to not end up like generations before us who just couldn’t quite get the job done.

Wouldn’t it be great to be the generation that survived a Presidential Administration campaigning on nothing but fear, got through a global pandemic, and eradicated this country’s systemic racism?

Why couldn’t that be true?

Many people like to say we are living through historic times. I agree.

In fact, I would say the history books are continuously (yes, as Webster’s says, meaning “continuing without interruption”) being written.

It is our job to choose the legacy in which we will be remembered. It is the actions we take and the motives for them that write our legacy.

A common ground during times when the country seems as divided as ever can only be found through empathy and listening to one another. We need to do this, especially when we disagree with the person with whom we are talking.

The only thing I ask of Mr. Biden is to listen to and to advocate for the voice and needs of the American people.  Bring us the unity and equity we need so much.