Twelve New Members Inducted to the National Honor Society


Ryciere Scott

Twelve new members entered the NHS on Thursday, Nov 14, 2019.

On Thursday, Nov. 15 the St. Benedict’s Prep chapter of the National Honor Society inducted twelve new members. The induction took place in the Radel Library at 6:30 p.m. The inductees consist of six Seniors, one UDII, and five UDIs. 

Members and officers of the NHS came in at 5:00 p.m. to set up the library with refreshments for the induction. Member Samuel Pineda UDII opened the night with prayer to bless the proceeding and fellow member Giuseppe Loiacono UDII delivered a welcome to the families and guests of the inductees. Member Ibrahim Stradford SY read a piece explaining what the NHS is and emphasizing the four pillars of the NHS: service, scholarship, leadership, and character. Vice President of Tutoring Kevin Calle SY explained character. Vice President of Service Chrisley Alexis SY, explained scholarship. Secretary Jonathan Dulce SY explained service. President Paul Granizo SY explained leadership. Physics Teacher and Fencing Coach Richard Molina gave a speech regarding the NHS about his student days and how times have changed. 

Ryciere Scott
NHS officers from left to right: Secretary Jonathan Dulce, Vice President of Tutoring Chrisley Alexis, Vice President of Service Kevin Calle, and President Paul Granizo.

After proving their commitment, dedication, and agreement with the four pillars of the NHS by taking the NHS oath,   Secretary Jonathan Dulce announced the new inductees: Felix Clayton, Ilya Enfremenko, Seun Eisape, Richard Ohia, Jaden Oates, Reuben Kadushin, Sergio Villar, Sunil Das, Andrew D’arcy, Logisan Lorance, and Simon Ertle. After the inductees were given rounds of applause, the people, both inductees and parents, went to the back of the library for refreshments where teachers were congratulating and celebrating their accomplishments with their parents.

Secretary Jonathan Dulce spoke about how he felt about the new inductees. “I think they’re great. I think they are all examples of what a Benedict’s man should be,” said Dulce. As for what it takes to be apart of the NHS, he said: “It takes confidence, hard work, and willingness to help others because when you’re doing well, you can’t just do well for yourself. You have to help others do well also.”

In light of the growth of the NHS, the NHS needed a new moderator and History Teacher Richard Gallerani stepped up to the challenge. “I believe in education and taking academics seriously and achieving academically,” Gallerani said. “I was a member of the honor society in high school, college, and graduate school, so I felt it was important.” 

The new inductees were also excited about their new responsibilities. New inductee Simon Ertle SY, said, “It’s a great opportunity to build character. I think it will be a new learning experience for me that I will take a lot away from.” The character that Simon will build towards his future in the NHS builds on his present work ethic. “I’ve gotten here by making sacrifices such as staying up late doing homework and doing whatever I could to get good grades,” Simon said. “I plan to inspire others with my work ethic by encouraging them and also walking with them, step by step, with whatever they need help with.”

Ryciere Scott
Inductees repeat the NHS Pledge after NHS President Paul Granizo.

Many parents came out on the night to support their sons. Another inductee, Jaden Oates UDI, felt the support from his family threefold on Thursday. “My Grandma, Mom and Aunt came out to support me on Thursday.” Oates said.

 “It was nice to have their support, it made me feel proud of what I was doing,” he said. 

This year, the National Honor Society is looking to uphold a standard of excellence to set an example.  “We have made a necessary commitment to academics and high moral standards,” said Mr. Gallerani. NHS leaders considered the first induction of the year a large success and are looking toward the future. 


“I felt the members did and outstanding job and it was a tremendous success, to be even better the next time.”