Merry Christmas from The Benedict News


“The Annunciation,” a calligram drawn by SBP History Teacher Richard Gallerani when he was studying in seminary.

Geovanni Lopez, Online Editor

The Benedict News would like to wish all of its supporters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This year has been a rough year to say the least for everyone in many different ways but we look towards a brighter future in the year to come. We thank you all for interacting with our school and its student writers. In the incoming year we aspire to continue keeping all of you in the loop of what goes on in our school with the same hard work and drive as always, while at the same time always looking to improve. 

The calligram illustrated above by History Teacher Mr. Richard Gallerani, is of an art form used since the Middle Ages where words or letters are used to form an image completely by filling its shape or outlining an image. In this calligram both art forms are used. The image of angel Gabriel’s greeting to the Virgin Mary is formed with the words of Luke’s gospel 1:26-32,35. “This symbolizes that he [the angel Gabriel] is completely filled with God and comes directly from God,” stated Mr. Gallerani. On the other hand, the Virgin Mary is also formed by the words of the gospel of Luke, this time outlining her image. “This symbolizes that Mary’s life is completely defined by her unique relationship with God and that she has completely emptied herself in order to receive Jesus,” explained Mr. Gallerani.

We look toward examples like the Virgin Mary as reminders of selflessness and where our devotion should be especially during times like these where the importance of caring for others has really been amplified.