Girls Division: Edelen, Anderson Win


Photo by Fernanda Somohano Ortega

The Girls Division participated in St. Benedict’s Gray Bee Olympics Friday, in record heat.

Sovereign Brown, Sports Editor

August 27, 2021, marks the first time the entire community came together and participated in the Gray Bee Olympics during a pandemic. We started off the day with Convocation as a community on the Lower Field. 

Although it was scorching hot, students managed to get through what many considered a fun, competitive and productive day. 

The games included in this year’s Gray Bee Olympics consisted of the following: Dodgeball, flag tag, flag football, volleyball, trivia, and much more. According to Ahmaad Walker SY who reffed Dodgeball, “Reffing at the Olympics was pretty fun. The groups were passionate about it, even when they chose to argue with me.” 

Today not only marked the first Gray Bee Olympics during a global pandemic but it  also marked the first time that the Girls Division participated in Gray Bee Olympics. The girls were looking forward to an especially competitive dodgeball competition. And it was.

According to Eviana Eguez FY, “My first Gray Bee Olympics was very fun actually. It was very competitive as well. Dodgeball and Flag Tag were competitive because all the girls were cheering their group on.”

Things often became heated between groups in the Girl’s Division. Many said their focus during each game was to earn points for their group. 

In Garnet Section there are three groups: Katherine Thorton, Betty Edelen, and Pearl Coleman. In Black Section there are also three groups: Rosemary Anderson, Regina Blackwell, and Mary Downey. 

Dodgeball caused overlapping debates about who won each game, creating a chaotic competitive mood and arguments that escalated between groups. There were loud cheers, leaders telling their ladies to throw the ball or to catch it, and ladies just sitting down enjoying the game. It’s safe to say that Dodgeball was the most popular and competitive game in the Girl’s Division. 

Many said that the Gray Bee Olympics fostered the importance of coming together as a community and getting away from distractions. The Girl’s Division hopes to participate in many more Gray Bee Olympics in the future. Senior Group Leader Marie Rosa Jeudy said it best: “My first Gray Bee Olympics was very competitive. It was a great experience being with the community.”

At the end of the day the results were:

Garnet section- Betty Edelen won with ten points

Black Section- Rosemary Anderson won with ten points