Group Games Winter Season Recap

Gianni Rosario and Patricio Silva

The long tradition that sparks pride and excitement of group games began its winter season in early February. With the weather improving, games have been played outside on the upper and lower fields and in the HAB. Changes to the game played during group games were being contemplated by Group Games Commissioner David Okeh SY. 

There was a competitive basketball game between Fr. Tomas and Fr. Boniface in the Shanley Gym to experiment. Members from both teams made an impact in the game, especially Fr. Boniface Group Leader David Okeh. The referees and crowd complained a couple of times about him traveling, leading to small and friendly brawls. Like most games, the members who sat out to watch were always on the field supporting their brothers. However, the verdict ended up keeping handball as the game to play. 

The pleasant climate formed a great atmosphere for Maroon Section’s group games outside on the upper field, the official start of the Group Games Winter season. Jim Cavanaugh and John Ford faced off in a handball match which became a comfortable 10-5 win for John Ford. 

John Ford looked ready the moment they stepped on the field. From warming up like there’s no tomorrow to hyping each other up, the camaraderie was on display. On the other hand, Jim Cavanaugh looked very nonchalant as they walked on the field. 

The referees were quick to clarify the rules: the goals are on the end zones, you can only take 3 steps with the ball in possession, you cannot hit the ball out of the player’s hand while they have possession, and lastly, whatever team hits the ball last when the ball hits the ground, it’s the opposing team’s ball. 

Assistant Group Leader David Herrera UD2 receives long ball to the end zone by Group Leader CJ Lampert SY (Erick Landy)

The game started off fast, John ford brought the ball up extremely quickly and finished the end of the possession with a beautiful pass to the corner of the end-zone, and an astonishing toe-tap catch to stay in bounds by Group Leader Craig Lampert SY. 1-0. The beginning of the game was all about offense. The moment Jim Cavanaugh got the ball, they threw the ball down the whole field to someone who snuck past the whole John Ford defense to catch the ball wide open in the end zone. 1-1. Possession after possession leads to a touchdown every time. Fast scoring and physical play. The score now is 5-3, with Jim Cavanaugh in the lead. This lead gave Jim Cavanaugh tons of confidence as they thought they had the win in the bag. John Ford took advantage of the fact Jim Cavanaugh began to showboat. They all huddled up and had a brief meeting. Walking out of the huddle brought out completely different energy to the game. Play after play, John Ford finished the game strong and ended up winning 10-5. An amazing comeback from John Ford and a very successful group game.

Devin Rushmore UD2 and Group Leader Amari Thompson SY lead the Frank Hill attack. (Matthew Ortiz)

ES started the game off on a good note, 4-0. Points coming from Kacper Luto and Walter Pierce. FH turned the game around when standout player Devon Rushmore scored 4 points to tie the game. ES bounced back quickly with 1 more goal for Kacper Luto and 2 more for Walter Pierce. This wasn’t enough to keep FH back from winning this game. Assistant Group Leader Charles Ford SY, Daniel Onyebule SY, Group Leader Amari Thompson SY, and Group Moderator, Mr. Delaney all put up points to win the game 13-7. 

The HAB hosted a thrilling, back-to-back match between Fr. Valerian and Fr. William. Fr. Valerian began with a high tempo, starting off 5-0 with points from nearly the entire team. Then, Marcilio Soares UD2 ignited Fr. William’s comeback to tie the game at 5-5 momentarily. The game continued its trend of intensity, allowing for standout performances by Jayden Forniel UD1 grabbing 7 points. The game was tight all the way through, ultimately being decided at the final instance by a one-point margin coming from a point scored by Fr. Valerian Group Leader Geovanni Lopez SY, to win the game for Fr. Valerian, 13-12.

Fr. Valerian members wearing group jerseys keep possession of the ball. (Israel Ortiz)