Girls Division: Celebrating Together


Vanailauren Bradley

Girl rush to gain the advantage as play begins.

Sovereign Brown, Sports Editor

It was a typical morning at St.Benedict’s Prep. When the students and teachers started walking into the HAB for convocation to kick off at 8 am everyone had their designated section color shirt on and wore it proudly. 


There was a sense of excitement that filled the air as the community struggled to get silent. While we can look at the competitive aspect of the Gray Bee Olympics, it’s important to recognize the true purpose of the day, bonding. Students were eager to represent their groups with great pride along with their sisters.


For a new draw to this year’s Gray Bee Olympics, Senior Leaders decided to have the Girls Division play soccer in place of Ultimate Frisbee.  As soccer commenced, girls started cheering their groups out loud and proud. With Pearl Coleman and Katherine Thornton going head to head, ladies we’re running left and right to get the ball to score a point for their group. It became suddenly became intense when there was only a minute left to score the ball in which Pearl Coleman scored! 


With tensions high in certain games such as Dodgeball, the groups’ atmosphere became heated, creating a hectic, intense mood in the Shanley Gym. The first game between Pearl Coleman and Katherine Thornton didn’t go at a consistent pace. But then the competitiveness began to heat up as people were getting hit. The Three-point line was called and Pearl Coleman secured their victory.


The sole purpose of Gray Bee Olympics is being able to come together and foster and live out the importance of community. For the newcomers, this was the first Gray Bee Olympics such as Charlize Graham FY who stated “I think it was a really great bonding activity, especially for the freshman to get to know and learn more about not just the other students but the groups themselves. It brings out the competitive side in everyone which I love to see”


As well as this being the first Gray Bee Olympics this is also unfortunately the last for many such as the Pearl Coleman Group Leader Arlene Matos SY. “I had a lot of fun and I feel like it definitely helped other groups connect with one another. It is bittersweet that this will be my last time participating”


As the year continues we hope that many more events will be able to keep the bond together within our community.


The results are the following:


Garnet Section 


1st Place- Katherine Thornton- 19 Points 

2nd Place- Pearl Coleman- 15 Points

3rd Place-  Betty Edelen – 10 Points


Black Section 

1st Place- Rosemary Anderson- 20.5 Points 

2nd Place- Regina Blackwell- 17.5 Points

3rd Place- Sister Mary Downey- 7 Points