Setting the Record Straight: London Caldwell Breaks Out With 32 points for a Gray Bees Win.


Kevin Anderson (UD2)

#2 London Caldwell shooting free throws.

Essence Hogue, Staff Writer

This past Wednesday, the St. Benedict’s Prep girl’s basketball team triumphed over The Hill School, setting their record at an even 6-6. The game proved to be a breakout for #2 London Caldwell (FY) who put up a top-notch performance scoring a staggering 32 points.

The Gray Bees started off swiftly with Caldwell scoring the first three of the game. The opening minutes of the game had everyone worried with the Gray Bees down by five in the first few minutes. The Gray Bees student section consistently provided their pride and energy to their school’s outings. Their roars and support from the bleachers amplified the intensity and tenacity of the girls out on the court. By the end of the first quarter, the girls began to slowly close the gap as they found themselves down 17-20.

Midway through the game a sequence of flashiness and poise by Kaitlyn Lubega when she hit her signature spin move setting the crowd ablaze, followed by #24 Shanutia Alexander (SY) penetrating the Hill’s defense with the same spin. The team pushed through fatigue the entire time making flawless passes and limiting the number of turnovers.

With every basket the Gray Bees made, Hill would respond with two. SBP needed to transmute some of their magic on offense and reflect it to their defense. In the second half, the Gray Bees applied immense pressure on both ends of the floor making them look nearly unbeatable.

To support Caldwell’s Stellar 32 points, #25 Charlene Seymours was an absolute driving force on the defensive end. #10 Devon Alston (SY). was a pest on defense and demonstrated why she is a lethal forward, playing with pure heart and hustle, leaving it all out on the floor.

Caldwell gave everybody a game to remember. Caldwell had the crowd in the palm of her hands with her impressive tight-knit ball handling and her collection of threes. London Caldwell being a freshman makes this monumental for the direction of SBP basketball in the next few years.

Caldwell said, “When the lights are on you’ve got to perform.”