The Rebirth of the SBP-Netherlands Exchange Program.


Elias King Larkins, (UD2)

Students selected for the trip posing on the notorious 520 steps of SBP.

Daniel Campos, Staff Writer

After three years of separation from the Netherlands Exchange Program, the Gray Bees are returning abroad, and anticipation for a group of selected students is rising. The St. Benedict’s Prep (SBP) – Netherlands Exchange Program provides students the opportunity to visit and understand how life in the Netherlands differs from the East Coast of the United States.

All students have been assigned a family in the Netherlands that will host them. Following the SBP students time in the Netherlands, they will have the ability to host a student from the Netherlands in their homes at a later date. Supreme College, with help from SBP, runs this program.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Exchange Program has been shut down for the last two years. Now the program is making an enticing return. Sebastian Cruz (SY), Isaiah Ramos (SY), Santos Tenorio (SY), John Paul Jumbo (UD2), Samuel Campos (UD2), Pedro Cena (SY), Noah Rega (UD2), Matthew Luna (UD2), Alan C. MBA (UD2), Eviana Eguez (UD1), VaNai Bradley (UD1), Kaitlyn Lubega (UD1), and Andy Vaudreuil (SY) will soon leave on February 15.
To be considered, the student must apply for the program. A committee reviews every application meticulously to look for academics, attendance, activities, and attitude.
“I am very excited about the new lifestyle that I’m about to experience because not a lot of people have that opportunity to go to foreign countries like the Netherlands and adapt to new things that are not commonly done here back in the US,” said Sebastian Cruz.
Until February 15, the students can only imagine what they will experience.
“I expect to be in a very different environment than what I’m used to, but I’m looking forward to it because of that reason. I get to experience something that I haven’t experienced before,” said an excited Samuel Campos.

From this experience, students can view life from a different perspective and share those experiences with the rest of the SBP community.