Chess Tournament in the Hive!


Elias King Larkins

Jaime Ruiz (UD1) and Joshua Laube (UD2) battle it out in the first round.

Alan Mba, Staff Writer

Today marked the first official chess tournament here at Saint Benedict’s Prep. It is hosted by Daniel Da Rocha (UD2), the president of the Chess Club and he believes that “there will be plenty more to come.” 

The tournament consists of 20 members of the community from the Middle Division, Boys Division, and Faculty. The players have been divided into 4 groups of 5 and were randomly assigned to a respective group. The members of Group A are to play today February 9th, Group B will play on February 17th, Group C on February 23rd, and finally Group D on March 6th. Two victors from each group will then have the opportunity to advance to the quarter-finals, semis, and final where one person will receive a grand prize. All the tournament games will take place in Room 41 (Mrs. Laube’s Room) so all members of the community are welcome to spectate. 

This chess tournament is a way for seasoned and rookie chess players in the community to exercise their skills and win prizes. It could be the start of a new tradition, where students and teachers can come closer together by challenging each other intellectually. Thinking even bigger, it could be the foundation for a series of chess tournaments between groups, sections, divisions, and faculty.