‘Arrow’: The Third Season

Carlos Almeida, Staff Writer


In 2012, the CW network brought to the television screen the story of Oliver Queen, better known as the Green Arrow in DC comic books, in the show Arrow. Currently, Arrow is on its third season and many loyal fans still watch him defeat criminals one arrow at a time.


The CW’s Arrow, gives the viewers the story of Oliver Queen, who returned after five years on a hostile island after his boat The Queen’s Gambit sank. As the show progresses, the viewer sees the challenges Mr. Queen faced from the island itself and mysterious inhabitants.


Once back in his city Starling City, he dedicated himself to stopping all crime from the people found in the journal his father gave him before killing himself so his son could live. Suiting up in his Robin Hood-like outfit, Mr. Queen makes sure to save his city from all criminals that are ruining its reputation. Along the way, Oliver adds members to his team including his once bodyguard John Diggle and Felicity Smoak an IT worker for Queen Consolidated, his father’s technical company. He reunited with his former love interest District Attorney Laurel Lance, who he cheated on with her sister Sara who was “killed” when The Queen’s Gambit sunk, and his best friend Tommy Merlyn. As the first season progressed, viewers discovered the secret plans of Moira Queen, Oliver’s mother and current CEO of Queen Consolidated, and Malcolm Merlyn, Tommy Merlyn’s father, of eliminating the crime in Starling City and the sinking of The Queen’s Gambit was not as accidental is it seemed.

Presently, Arrow is on its third season and has gotten rid of the journal, but has added a new member of the team Roy Harper who is Red Arrow. Oliver Queen is broke with the company being bought by Roy Palmer better known as Atom Man, who has the power to change his size. With the murder of Sara Lance, Black canary, Oliver looks for her murderer while Sara trains to become the new Black Canary. The characters now find it more difficult to protect the city since Mr. Diggle is now a father, Ms. Smoak has a love interest in Mr. Palmer and Mr. Harper faces the guilt of killing a police officer. With the guidance of Mr. Queen the team is able to save Starling City from drug dealers, billionaires, murderers and other criminals who try to control it. However, Mr. Queen and his team face the wrath of Ra’s al Ghul, the head of the assassin group The League of Shadows who seek revenge for Mr. Queen protecting Malcolm Merlyn after he disobeyed one of the league’s rules after being set free.


Make sure to watch Arrow every Wednesday on The CW to see if Oliver Queen is able to defeat his new adversary and stop all those who…. “Fail this city.”