Day Two – Recovery, Sports and more!

(Left to right) Rommel Hernandez UDI, Geovanni Lopez UDI, Sebastian Luna UDI, and David Okeh UDI. The exchange students play various sports in the gymnasium of Jac P. Thijjse College.

After sleeping for over 12 hours and finally getting over the jet lag, I woke up and got ready for my second day in the Netherlands. I was excited to get the day started, and after a quick breakfast I did just that.

We arrived at the school and had a P.E class. We played all sorts of games during this class: basketball, table tennis, dodge ball, badminton, and hockey.

It’s safe to say that everyone really enjoyed their morning, especially with the teacher mistaking me for a Dutch student.

Soon after the games were finished, we caught a bus to an ice skating rink. We
had a lot of fun here and I even got to witness many of us, mostly SBP students, completely wipe out on the ice. These wipe outs provided many of us looking with laughs.

Courtesy of Ms. Susan Kronberg
(Left to Right) Ryan Teran UDII and Rommel Hernandez UDI.

From one thing to the next, we took another bus to the city of Alkmaar, where we participated in a scavenger hunt. Unlike normal scavenger hunts, in this one we were tasked with recreating pictures of historical spots in the city. It allowed me to see more of the Dutch culture and really explore a foreign city.

When this ended, we were given the rest of night to explore Alkmaar and do whatever we wanted. The hosts I was with took me and a couple of SBP students around the city. After adventuring, we decided to watch a movie and we saw “Sonic the Hedgehog.” Finally, when the movie ended ,we took a train to the house of one of the Dutch student’s where we watched the Ajax
soccer game.

I had a great time there and through all of today. As I experience more of the
Dutch culture, it makes me think how different our lifestyles are from them and how fascinating this different culture is. Can’t wait for tomorrow!