Holland Day 5

Blog Day 5


As I wake up on my 5th day in Holland, I opened my curtains to a familiar sight — rain. However, after a good breakfast the sky clears up and I walk out the door of the house with another adventure awaiting me. My host and I drive to the train station, where we meet other people and take an hour long ride to the city of Den Hauge. The train ride through the Dutch countryside was very beautiful, as there were fields of crops and flowers with animals roaming freely. This sight was unlike anything I would ever see in New Jersey and gave me a strong sense of relaxation. When we finally got to Den Hauge, we went to this outside museum-like place called the Madurodam. Here we saw miniature replicas of famous landmarks of the Netherlands like a model recreation of Amsterdam, the Royal Palace, Schiphol, and many other places. After we left the Madurodam, we went into the main part of Den Hague where we saw the Parliament building. This huge building looked almost as if it came out of Hogwarts from Harry Potter. It was a very impressive building and the city was a cool area to be in. We took another hour long train back to Castricum where we went back to our host’s house. I was greeted with a great smell from the kitchen which happened to be Indonesian food cooking. It tasted just as good as it smelled, leaving me stuffed. We put on a movie after we ate which made it a relaxing end to a great day.