N.H.S. Sponsors Third Annual Blood Drive


Joshua DeSousa, SY, during his blood donation on April 2, 2014

St. Benedict’s student blood donors make a special contribution to the New Jersey’s blood supply. Why? Because it’s an all boys school. No, boys don’t have better blood than girls, but they certainly offer one advantage. According to Donald Poznick M.D. of the N.J. Blood Center, “It is easier to get only red blood cells [with boys]…since boys are heavier than girls.” The average male weighs more than the average female and generally has a higher red blood cell count. As an all boys school, St. Benedict’s is an obvious choice for the N.J. Blood Center’s third blood drive. But, how did this all get started?

Three years ago, a member of the National Honor Society suggested that St. Benedict’s reignite its relationship with the N.J. Blood Center. For the first time, students were able to give back to those who were in dire need of blood. Fast forward three years, and the blood drive is still going strong. While the community hasn’t been able to keep up with the success of the first year, the staff behind the scenes still work hard in doing their best. “The staff really believes in what they are doing,”moderator of the N.H.S. Michelle Tuorto said.

According to Mrs. Tuorto, all 33 members of the N.H.S. pitched in, each taking a volunteer shift to help with the blood donors after giving blood. Each donor had a reason for giving blood, yet all share the same goal-to save lives. Jovan Poggi’15 said,  “I want to save lives and help people out. It is also my first time donating, so I wanted to see how it feels.” Many donors who were too young last year to donate, such as Jovan, were eager to participate. Other older donors, such as Fr. Augustine Curley, O.S.B., are donating simply because,  “I have blood and other people need blood…It’s the good thing to do…”

Mrs. Tuorto said of the 82 potential donors who showed up, 74 actually donated; 104 blood “products’ were donated, and 192 lives were potentially help by the drive. Faculty, staff and the Center provided the snacks and drinks for the donors.

To Dr. Poznick, Benedict’s is more than an ordinary school. With the cooperation of the students and the organization made by the staff, he said Benedict’s , in his opinion,is one of the best blood drives in Newark.