Students Celebrate Black History Month


Ian Joseph

Students from St. Vincent Academy performing an African style dance.

Ian Joseph, Staff Writer

In a school with diverse races and culture, Black History Month celebration is a great way to bring awareness to history African American. When I first walked through the door, I received the opportunity to witness demonstrations of African American culture. There were people singing and dancing about black history.The seats were packed, with kids from St.Vincent Academy, Benedictine Academy, and Arts High School. I was amazed and overwhelmed with excitement when I saw all of the singing popular songs that were made by African American, dancing which featured African dancing moves, and poetry that represented the struggle of black people in America.  representing black culture. When I first got my seat in the packed crowd, the first performance I saw the dancing routine from the women from St. Vincent Academy. UDII Devion Johnson and another young man that attend, raped about African American struggles. Each rhyme and lyric told a story about African Americans in the country.

Senior Jamal Kareem, organized the party well and made sure everyone was having a good time. Jamal even constructed a name-the-song game for the crowd.The party taught me more about African American history, then school teachers never taught me before. Math teacher DaQuan Bashir, chaperone the school event said, “Black History is Crucial to American History… if you don’t know what black history is, then you don’t know American History.”