Tuesday at Priory


Eric Duarte

Shilling Square

Eric Duarte, Staff Writer

Today wasn’t a normal school day, unless you are a Woodside Priory student. Observing classes was not the same as observing classes in most schools that I know myself. The classes are labeled A through G, and are always in alphabetical order, but on Monday, my adviser’s first class was A, and Tuesday, my adviser’s first class was F. 

This class is Visions of Success with Ms. Briggs, who has the class enter into the proper head space via singing bowl sound meditation and deep breathing. There was a break after her class, which I used to converse with Ms. Briggs about local landmarks and tourist sites. After the break, we gathered at the chapel and students sang in harmony. The energy felt more alive than SBP’s daily convocation, which may have been because it was a new setting for us visitors.

Fr. Matthew, a Benedictine monk of Woodside Priory, renewed his monastic vows in front of the entire community. This chapel period was not centered around this renewal of vows, instead, it was clear to us visitors that the students are used to having chapel every week or possibly more. The students proceeded to the rest of their classes for the day. I did not attend classes with my adviser after that last class, meaning that I had visited all of his classes.

Eric Duarte
View from the monastery

The school monastery provides shelter and bathing facilities that are not only for monks, but for guests as well. The school staff couldn’t stress enough to treat all guests like Christ. The hospitality of Woodside Priory is the most outstanding value the school has. With it’s cozy buildings, welcoming students and faculty, and the surrounding quiet environment, it’s hard for one to not find this place to feel like home. Later that night, there was an arranged dodge ball game that instantly made all of the SBP students and myself agree that this friendly competition reminds us of the Hive. After taking down about four students, and successfully terminating Mr. Duffy from one round, my ankle decided it was time to call it quits. It was just a minor sprain that did not cost me the game, since it was almost already over, and also did not stop me from touring other famous San Francisco sites the next day, I’d hate to be that kind of person that slows everyone down.