Cross Country Team Finishes Second at Passaic County Coaches Invitational


FY Ronald Kigen finishes second at the Passaic County Coaches Invitational.

Eric Conklin

FY Ronald Kigen finishes second at the Passaic County Coaches Invitational.

Eric Conklin, Staff Writer

Even missing four varsity runners, the Gray Bees pulled off a second place finish at the Passaic County Coaches Invitational, at Garret Mountain, Saturday September 26.

And the team came very close to winning.

“We tied Newton 77-77 for first but in cross-country in the event of a tie, 6th place is the tie breaker and our 6th place finisher was further back than theirs,” Coach Dave Alfano said.

“We also were without our 1st and 3rd runners, Edwin Rutto and Juan Rosa. We believe with those two we would have secured a strong win.”

The course was challenging, rocky and hilly all the way.  UDI Adrian Ceballo took a nasty fall because his spikes didn’t grip onto the rocks. And about a mile and a half into the race, senior and captain Scott  Bamberg Jr. noticed UD1 Steven Payne falling off of his pack. Scott yelled to him to stay with the pack. When Steven heard Scott screaming at him he knew it was time to go and took off. The race ended on an 800- meter uphill challenge, and the team finished strong. But their efforts weren’t sufficient to take first place.

The team is four weeks out from the  State Preps and Essex County meets and almost eight weeks out from the Regional Meet.

“It is important to continue to use these next few weeks wisely in terms of training hard but smart, staying injury free, and not falling behind in classes,” Coach Alfano said. “So that when the end of October into November rolls around, we are focused, fresh, and fit.”


Ronald Kigen ’19 2nd Place 16.02
Steven Payne ’18 3rd Place 17.18
Scott Bamburg Jr. ’16 4th Place 17.26
Adrian Ceballo ’17 30th Place 19.19
Kaylan Depas ’18 38th Place 19.43
Demere Kearney ’19 45th Place