Fr Dunstan Smith Defeats John Ford in Handball Group Games Final


Jacob Anthony Amaro

Dunstan Smith in yellow pinnies silenced its competitor by a landslide score of 28-12.

Students and faculty at St. Benedict’s Preparatory School gathered in the sweltering HAB Dalton Gym last Friday to watch the heavily anticipated Handball Group Games Final. White Section group Dunstan Smith and Maroon Section Group John Ford competed for the championship.

Dunstan Smith, in the end, silenced its competitor by a landslide score of 28-12.

Both sides were excited about the game before it even began. The crowd’s excitement, too, was apparent in its cheers for either side.

Dunstan Smith coach Jeffrey Guigni SY was “pumped.” The only real concern he had, he said, was accurately analyzing his opponents plays and making the right adjustments.

Mandani Diarra SY, one of three varsity basketball players on Dunstan Smith’s team, was prepared for the game.

“It’s not like basketball,” he said. “But I love the competition.”

On the other side, John Ford head coach Rafael Jaques UDII, and his two assistants, David Decker UDII and Jonathan Cineus UDII, agreed that it was important to bring out the energy in their team throughout the game.

Varsity shot put player Ny’Gee Green played for John Ford. Ny’Gee was looking forward to this game for the bragging rights he would get if he beat the three varsity basketball players on Dunstan Smith’s team, but he wouldn’t mind losing, either.

“I don’t talk junk,” he said. “If we’re going to play, whatever happens, happens.”

Francis Jean-Paul SY and Adrian-Paul Morgan SY acted as commentators for the game.

Jack Napoli SY, Wood-May Joseph SY and Sekou Diabate UDI refereed.

With Dunstan Smith in yellow pinnies and John Ford in green ones, the tip-off commenced. Dunstan Smith was quick to score with Christopher Carthens UDI assisted by Mandani Diarra SY. However, John Ford soon followed with Alex Oliveira SY assisted by Richard Jones SY.

By halftime the score was 12-9 with Dunstan Smith leading.

For halftime, Nicholas Kabanda, an aspiring rapper, performed his song “All in My Bag” for the community.

By the end of the game John Ford felt it had put forth its best effort but couldn’t make the 16 point comeback. Dunstan Smith dedicated its win to its group leader Jonathan Groomes SY, who couldn’t be at school the day of the event.

At the conclusion of the game — Dunstan Smith having been announced victorious over John Ford— students from the bleachers stormed the court to congratulate Dunstan Smith. Dismissal followed.